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Dear Sport Freinds!

20 years have passed since the first Budapest Open international karate championship. At that time, when this series started, I was the coach of the Hungarian team. My goal was to create a local oppor- tunity for the best Hungarian competitors to challenge themselves against the top fighters from other countries. At the beginning, we organized the competition for adults, with participants from only a few countries. I remember how happy we were to see when com- petitors from ten countries took part in the event. We listened to the advice of Hungarian and foreign coaches, and extended the program to juniors. Thanks to this, more and more competitors entered the championship, so we decided to make it a two-day event. Every single year, we tried to pre- pare a new surprise for the participants, which they really appreciated. Some countries and clubs have entered many generations of competitors to Budapest, and they could not imagine the start of the season without the Open. We are happy to see that the number of participat- ing countries and competitors is steadily increasing. In 2016, the 19th Budapest Open broke all records, and attracted 1200 registrations from 29 countries. In addition to quantity, we focus on quality as well. Each year, we try to attract the best competitors to Hungary to set even higher standards. We are proud to meet many Budapest Open participants at the World and European Championships, as well as in the Premier League. Many World and European Championship medalists have entered our tournament, from Malaysia to Chile and from South Africa to Norway. Neighbouring countries include Budapest Open among their European and World Championship qualification events, which makes sure that Hungarian and foreign spec- tators see a really high standard event each year. We have special plans for the 20th Budapest Open, too. As the new name of the 20th Budapest Open Hayashi Cup shows, a new company has found this event worth sponsoring. Thanks to their support, we are introducing two prized categories: open (no weight divisions) male and female kumite, with a first prize of €500, second prize of €300, and two third prizes of €100. We hope that this will encourage even more top contestants from more countries to enter this competition. We kindly invite your national team, club teams and all leaders, referees and contestants to participate in a high profile karate competition in the heart of Europe. We hope that in addi- tion to the teams which have already participated in previous events, many new teams will visit Budapest to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Budapest Open.

Best regards:


                                                                                              Rebicek Gerd

                                                                       President of the Organizing Committee

Dear SportFriends,

Dear Guests,

Dear Contestans,

It's a great pleasure for me to see that Budapest Open inter- national karate championship is organized for the 20th time. During the first years, Shihan Gerd Rebicek, founder and organizer, with his enthusiastic organizer group, originally created this event for adults only, with participants from just a few countries. Later on, listening to the encouraging feedback from Hungary and other countries, Budapest Open was expanded to cover nearly all age divisions, and has been recognized as one of the most signifi- cant European tournaments. Budapest Open can play a key role in preparation and in gaining experience for qualification championships when karate is added to the program of the Olympic Games. Our country and Budapest at the heart of Europe will be a true host of the event: in addition to its hospitality, it's an excellent meeting place for sport friends. The best karate competitors of Europe and the world can meet here and use the opportunity to challenge each other as a part of their preparation for the Olympics. The traditions, organization and high standard of this championship obliges us to make the 20th anniversary contest a real festival of this sport for the participants and the spectators, in terms of numbers, professional events and the quality of organiza- tion. I wish injury-free fights and great sport activity for the contestants, and an unforget- table experience for the spectators in Budapest.

Best regards:

Dr. Mészáros János 

President of Hungarian Karate Federation

Dear Sport Friends!

As the founder of Székely Budo-Sport Kft., I put emphasis on our participation in every significant competition in Hungary in the last 31 years. We have been represented at each Budapest Open since it was started 20 years ago, mak- ing the brands distributed by our company easily available. It is delightful to see the progress from a small event to a representative regional competition as a result of hard work. The top contestants from more and more countries would like to challenge their peers here, increasing the standards of the event even further each year. We truly hope that our support has contributed to this success, and that this momentum will continue. Székely Budo-Sport Kft. has made great progress during the years. Our product family, Saman, is becoming more and more popular not just in Hungary, but also in the neighbouring countries, and we became the distributor of many international brands. Signing the distribution agreement with Hayashi in February of 2016 was a great step forward for us. Hayashi is one of the most dynamic companies produc- ing WKF-approved products with a very attractive price/value ratio. As a part of this cooperation, we offered and signed a competitor agreement with a great Hungarian fighter, Tadissi Yves Martial, who has been leading the -67 kg world rankings for several months, and won a silver medal in Linz as a member of Hayashi Karate Team. The development of the competition and the company has now reached a point when an international brand distributed by us can be the naming sponsor of such a high-profile event. As the naming sponsor, we will offer our full range of products at the event and in our downtown shop at Wesselényi utca. In addition to traditional clothing and pro- tection equipment, we also offer Hayashi’s popular streetwear. We wish a successful competition for every contestant!



Székely Sándor

Founder, CEO