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Dear Sport Friends,

Dear Guests,

Dear Contestans,

was delighted to hear about the next Budapest Open International Karate Championship, following the highly successful 20th anniversary event last year.

The Organizing Committee and Shihan Gerd Rebicek, founder and chief organizer of the contest, keep up their committed efforts in the next edition of this series, which may play a very important role in karate, after it was approved as an official Olympics sport.

Recently, this championship has developed into a major event in Europe, attracting nearly 2000 participant entries.

Budapest, in the heart of Europe, is a favored meeting point for national teams and the best karate fighters of Europe and the world.

The traditions and the excellence of this championship guarantee that the number of participants, as well as the professional events of the 21st Budapest Open will match the high standards of this sport, now one of the Olympic sports, for the participants and the spectators alike.

I believe that the recognition of this event will continue to grow, and we can make this competition a part of the qualification system for the next Olympics.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Budapest in 2018.

Best regards:

Dr. Mészáros János 

President of Hungarian Karate Federation

Dear Sport Friends!

As the representative of the event’s title sponsor, we are happy and proud to welcome you at 21st Budapest Open

We are delighted to see that the development of this great sport and this fantastic event, which we have supported since the very beginning, has paralleled our own evolution. Hayashi Budapest Open continued to break records last year, and it has evolved into a renowned international event, not only in terms of sports organization, but by the number of entries and participating countries. This is also a great sport diplomacy achievement for the Hungarian karate community. We are proud of this evolution: as a company in business for more than 33 years, Székely Budo-Sport Kft. has been here and supported the traditional styles of karate since the beginning.

We are delighted to see the great development of this sport and this excellent event, just like the progress we made. Since 1985, our name and karate have become inseparable in Hungary. Since then, the products of Székely Budo-Sport, our image, online presence and lineup have evolved to meet the needs of athletes. Samansport.eu offers its ever-growing and reliably high quality product portfolio for most combat sports and styles of martial arts. Hayashi is recognized as the most innovative and dynamic brand worldwide, while providing the best value for money among “WKF approved” products. At the 21st Budapest Open, you can test and try the latest, 2018 premium kumite and karate gis, protection gear, streetwear and accessories!

We feel that all the moments we have invested, all the development effort spent on the usability and quality of our products, all the support and sponsorship we have awarded to this sport and its great competitors are among the very best decisions we made in our business, which we have been able to grow for 32 consecutive years. And we are happy to invest the results of this cooperation and great products back into karate this year again!

We wish a successful preparation and competition to all athletes and their trainers! Let’s meet in 2018 at Budapest! We will be here for the 21st time, for sure.


Székely Sándor

Székely Budo-Sport / Hayashi Hungary / #hayashiteam

Dear Sport Friends!

The 20th Budapest Open International Championship was a great success. We broke all records, both in terms of quantity and quality. Just a few days before the event, we had to reschedule the entire program due to the increasing number of registrations. Altogether 1960 registrations were received from 165 clubs of 30 countries, so the competition was held on 8 tatamis. For many neighboring countries, Budapest Open was a qualification event for the upcoming WKF and EKF championships. We met several European and World Championship medalists on the tatamis and at the awarding ceremony. Some of the most prominent competitors were Douglas Brose, Valeria Kumizaki, Andres Madeira, Figueira Vinicius, Lucia Kováciková, Gábor Hárspataki, Tadissi Martial, and the list goes on.

But this is the past, and now we look into the future. In 2018, the 21st Budapest Open will be held on 8th and 9th September. After successful negotiations, Hayashi will sponsor the prizes of Open categories again. We expect that the best competitors of nearby and distant countries will accept our invitation, making it another high profile event. We also hope that, despite the heavily congested schedule of international competitions, new teams and competitors will join the regular participants in Budapest, thereby further improving the quality of the competition.

Dear Sport Friends!

Let us kindly invite the national team, clubs and competitors of your country to the 21st Budapest Open. Use this opportunity to test your senior competitors’ preparedness before the Olympics qualification events in Berlin and Chile, and the Madrid Senior World Championship. This is also a great way of checking your Cadet, Junior and U 21 athletes’ preparations before the European Championship in February, and to challenge the greatest competitors of Central Europe.

I hope to meet you in September.

Best regards:


                                                                                              Rebicek Gerd

                                                                       President of the Organizing Committee